What are lead magnets, will they help your marketing, how do you use them, and when should you use lead magnets? So many questions, and it feels like there are even more answers, some of them conflicting. That is where we come in; we are here to help you understand one of the best marketing tools available to you; lead magnets..

Learning how to use lead magnets can impact your business in amazing ways, providing you with multiple methods for potential client information gathering. 

What is a lead magnet exactly? 

In simple terms a lead magnet is a product or service that people can get for free if the potential client is willing to provide their contact information.  Oftentimes lead magnets are free ebooks, free webinars, free e-classes, or even a giveaway for a product or paid survey. 

Clients can get the lead magnet once the client information has been collected. Many businesses opt to deliver the lead magnets digitally via email or a download option after the client inputs the desired data into the form on the landing page. 

Because these clients are willingly sharing their contact information, it is now yours to save and you can then use that data to reach out to your customers with news, updates, sales and other information that can help you turn that lead into a paying customer.

One key aspect of lead magnets is that it is a great way to obtain emails of people who are interested in what you offer, which allows you to grow your email list. Email lists are a great way to generate leads, and with a solid marketable lead magnet, you can easily grow your email list, thus increasing your lead generation. That is why lead magnets are a fantastic way to grow your business and your reach; because it can be as simple as a short ebook, pre-recorded webinar, or other freebie service that once it is set up, can continue to generate leads for you without tons of work and effort. 

How can lead magnets help you grow your business? 

In addition to growing your email list, lead generations are also a great way to retain other client information. Names, addresses, phone numbers, along with emails are all information that you can collect from potential clients with a good lead magnet. 

While growing an email list is a fantastic way to grow your business, many businesses use text messaging, or mailers to grow their business. Some businesses who utilize email marketing also utilize text message marketing as well. The campaigns can be similar in nature, but utilizing both systems are a great way to reach clients of multiple generations and lifestyles. Direct mail lists are also a great way to grow your marketing. These methods are all fantastic methods of marketing, and you can continue to grow your list of potential client  information by using lead magnets to gather the information. 

What kind of lead magnets should I use? 

There are so many types of lead magnets that you can use to help grow your marketing. One of the most common types of lead magnets are reports, guides or tip sheets. These are great ways to provide your potential clients with valuable and educational information while simultaneously gathering client information for future marketing campaigns. 

Another great lead magnet is a quiz or survey; this is a great way to interact with your potential clients. Your quizzes can be beneficial to possible customers by helping them discover exactly what they need, or what they should be looking for. As a professional and expert in your field, designing a quiz that can help your customer base navigate the field prior to purchase is a great way to not only showcase your expertise and knowledge in the area, but also to get those questions answered before they are even asked. Surveys are also a fantastic way to gather information on prospective customers. Many people love giving their opinions and sharing their thoughts, and will do so even if they have to provide minimal contact information. 

Other lead magnets can include giveaways or raffles, where a potential lead enters their information on your site, in order to enter for a chance to win. This gives you their information for future marketing, and they stand the chance to win what they view as an awesome free service or prize. 

How do I create a lead magnet that is right for my business? 

Creating a lead magnet takes a little bit of time and research. You need to single out a problem that your customers or potential customers may have. Once you have that problem identified you can start the process of figuring out exactly what the best lead magnet for solving that will be. It might be a downloadable video, a short webinar, an ebook, or even a quiz or survey. The process of selecting the best lead magnet for your business should be considered carefully after researching what your competitors are doing as well as what your prospective customers are asking. 

Once you have a lead magnet identified you can start the process of putting that magnet together. For example, writing up a short ebook, or recording a webinar, is how you build the steps to draw people in and get them wanting to give their contact info to you. The reason people will willingly sign up their information is because they see the value in your free gift to them. 

That is why it is imperative that you put the time in to research the problems that your customer base may be having, and you devote the time to creating a solution that will help that customer base, while working to gather contact information for you. 

The less information you ask of your customer base, the more willing they will be to interact with your lead magnet. The longer the form, the less likely people will be hesitant to register for your lead magnet.  

Keeping it short is another important factor with lead magnets. Many will get frustrated if you spend an hour beating around the bush in a webinar without giving them the information straight. Keeping your lead magnet short, sweet and to the point will keep people wanting to come back for more. 

Lastly when laying out your lead magnet is that you really want to make sure it looks great. You may have fantastic information but if it isn’t packaged in a way that makes people want to click on it, you will lose out on leads. Taking the time to design an attractive layout for social media and your landing page is well designed and inviting. 

Do I need a landing page if I want to use lead magnets? 

Lead magnets are best if used with a well designed and carefully crafted landing page. They may not be completely necessary, but you will have far greater success with a well planned out lead page that draws your customer base in, gets them asking the questions that you plan to answer with your lead magnet, and invites them in. 

Landing pages are not websites, they are standalone pages that are specifically curated to draw people in and help them realize they want your free content. When a landing page is laid out properly, it connects with your target audience, draws them in, reiterates the questions they are already asking and reassures them that you understand the struggle they are facing while letting them know you have a solution available for them. 

Landing pages not only help to draw people in, but they significantly help with conversions. Businesses that utilize a carefully created landing page often see higher conversions, more traffic and more leads as well as increased return on investment. 

How can I use lead magnets with my pet business? 

There are so many ways you can draw people into your breeding/pet care/ pet business with a lead magnet. Mini ebooks, webinars, and guides on a variety of topics like puppy nutrition, how to house train your puppy, grooming techniques for your dog, and countless other topics that your customer base may be searching for. 

This ties back into the research phase of choosing a lead magnet. It may seem impossible at first, but with some dedicated research you will find a multitude of topics you can use to create a valuable lead magnet for your business, no matter what that business is. 


Lead magnets are a spectacular way to generate leads for your business. Taking the time to research out what you will need to draw your target audience in, and then carefully crafting a landing page and lead magnet are the first steps in the right direction to take your business to the next level. Whether you are just starting out in your business and looking to establish a customer base, or you’re a veteran business owner looking to draw in new and fresh leads; lead magnets are the way to go. 

Don’t wait to start this process, get yourself started with lead magnets and start leveling up your business today.