Boost Your Dog Biz with

Custom-to-You Marketing


At Barketing Unleashed, we get it. Running a dog business is no small feat. It’s why we’re here to lend a paw with marketing services that speak directly to your customers. We’re passionate about what we do and go the extra mile for our clients because their success is our success.

Ready to see your dog business fetch better results?

Let’s dive into how we can help:

Website Design

Your website is the digital doorstep to your dog business. Let’s make it inviting, informative, and converting – essentially impossible for potential customers to pass by.


  • Digital Makeover: Whether you’re starting from scratch or need a site refresh, we can handle it all. Let’s make your site the talk of the town.
  • User-Friendly Flows: We focus on creating seamless experiences for your visitors, turning them from browsers to loyal customers.
  • Optimized for Paws and People: We ensure your site is ready to be found by dog parents everywhere, with a design that looks great on both desktop and mobile.


Being the top dog in search results means more eyes on your dog business. Our SEO services are all about getting you there.

  • Full Analysis: We start with a thorough SEO audit to sniff out opportunities and track down any issues.
  • Keywords Everywhere: With targeted keyword research, we optimize your content to catch the attention of both search engines and dog parents.
  • Local Spotlight: For businesses with a physical spot, we’ll make sure you show up and show out in local searches too.

Email Marketing

Get ready to have conversations that convert. Email marketing is still the alpha dog when it comes to personal, effective customer engagement.

  • Lead Magnet Magic: We create compelling lead magnets that grow your list and keep subscribers coming back for more.
  • Paw-sitive Messages: From welcome wagons to targeted campaigns, our email sequences are designed to build relationships and boost conversions.


    Share stories, tips, and knowledge with a blog that positions you as the pack leader in your niche.

    • Engaging Content: Our monthly blog packages keep your site fresh and followers informed with SEO-optimized posts that highlight your expertise.
    • Topic Tailoring: From training tricks to nutritional advice, we cover topics that resonate with your audience and build your brand’s authority.

    Social Media

    Let’s get your brand wagging on social. We craft posts that engage, inform, and entertain, building a community of loyal followers.

    • Content Creation: We design posts that capture attention and spark conversations, keeping your brand front and center.
    • Engagement Boosts: From increasing followers to upping your engagement game, we know how to make social media work for your dog business.


    Our mission at Barketing Unleashed is to help your dog business get the attention it deserves. With a mix of creativity, strategy, and a deep love for all things dogs, we’re here to help you become the pick of the litter.


    Ready to take your dog business to the next level?