Take Control of Your Business with these Key Lead Generation Tips and Tricks.

Generating leads is a key component to running your business, and it can often be an overwhelming and difficult task. Finding a good marketing plan for your business can be tiresome and a struggle, especially because there are so many different approaches to lead generation. Running a dog business is a busy job all on its own, so how are you supposed to make time to generate leads for your dog business while still handling all of the tasks that come with the day to day operations? 

We are going to outline six different lead generation methods for you, to help you find the right marketing plan for your business. These marketing methods, tips and tricks, will be able to help you formulate a plan for your business, allowing you to start building those leads, while still being able to manage your busy day as a business owner. 

Number 1: Referrals From Customers and Business Partners

Referrals or word of mouth lead generation is a very large component of marketing your small business. Many consumers will put faith in a trusted referral from a friend or trusted business. Working with business partners and having a network of trusted business connections is a great way to obtain leads. In many cases, a referral from a trusted business partner will lead to new business for you. Consumers today want to support small businesses, but many consumers want reassurance that the small business they are looking at will treat them well. This is why strong business connections are a solid tool to have in your lead generation toolbox. 

Another key way to generate leads through referrals, is from past customers. There are many ways you can have your previous customers help you with lead generation, from leaving a Google and Facebook review, to creating a referral reward system, your past customers can actively participate to help create new leads with you. 

Asking customers to leave reviews is one of the easiest ways to help build your word of mouth and generate leads. Kindly asking a customer to leave a review if they are satisfied is a great way to build your reviews, and allow your customers to brag about their great experience. Providing them with a link to leave a review on Google or your social media channels is one of the easiest ways to generate referrals. Consumers look at the number and quality of the reviews a small business has when they are shopping around. 

Another way to have your previous customers help you generate those leads, is by creating a referral reward system. This can look any way that you want it to. Some businesses offer a certain dollar amount off of a future purchase for each referral they send you. Others offer a free product or service for a referral that makes a purchase. Consumers love receiving discounts and free services or products, and by utilizing this system you can help generate leads for your business while still keeping your past customer base active within your business. This simultaneously helps retain those customers, making them more likely to become returning customers. 

Two: Creating a Strong Brand Can Help Generate Leads

Another important factor in lead generation for your business is having a strong brand. There are multiple steps to building a strong brand, and they include: defining your target audience, having a good logo, defining your brand, cultivating consistency across your brand, having a brand name, cultivating a customer promise, brand storytelling, brand validation, and strong identity. 

When you are looking at your brand, you should see consistency within your business, from your logo to your website, social media accounts and your promotional materials you may use. Creating a consistent, recognizable brand in the beginning is a great way to create a consistent vision that potential customers will learn to recognize as they interact with your business. If your brand isn’t consistent it could lead to confusion with potential customers, and instead of inspiring confidence in those customers, they will feel more confused and unsure about using your business for their needs. Taking the time to ensure your brand looks consistent on all platforms both digital and in person is one key to generating those leads. 

Potential leads also want to feel a level of confidence, expertise, and trust in a business they use. This is why cultivating a solid customer promise and mission statement can be so valuable to lead generation. Customers want to feel a sense of security when they use a small business, and a simple customer promise and mission statement can make a world of difference in reassuring the potential customer that your small business will always strive to give them the best experience, product and outcome possible. 

Three: Content Marketing

Content creation is one of the most important parts of lead generation for a small business. Creating content that draws in potential customers, entertains and educates new and existing customers, is one of the biggest parts of marketing in business. It can also be one of the most time consuming parts of marketing. Content creation can range from social media posts, blog posts, and even educational and promotional videos.

Blogs are a great way to highlight the knowledge and expertise you hold in your field, and it allows you to connect with potential customers, showing them that you are a trusted source of knowledge and experience. Creating this educational content not only provides information to potential customers, but begins the trust building process that will not only generate leads but keep those leads coming back year after year. 

Social media content is also a large part of lead generation. A carefully curated social media strategy is incredibly important in reaching new and potential leads for your business. Coordinating your social media posts with blog posts and even promotional emails is a great way to create consistency in your marketing campaign.  Social media content is more than just words in a post, but should include photos and short videos. Social media allows businesses to advertise in a wide variety of ways to generate leads for their business. Mixing types of content is a great way to truly show potential customers what it is that you can offer them and why they should trust you above your competitors. 

Four: Website Optimization and SEO

It’s 2024 and nearly every business has a website and a digital presence. How do you compete with a million other websites and companies offering the same or similar services and products that you do? By optimizing your site, and optimizing your SEO. What is website optimization? Great question, website optimization is a process that happens after the design process and essentially website optimization ensures that your site looks fantastic, that it functions and that it is usable on multiple types of devices, from phones, to tablets and computers. 

Website design and optimization are both incredibly important when it comes to lead generation. With so many businesses having a website, it can be hard to stand out among the crowd. Having a unique design not only strengthens your brand but helps turn leads into sales. Website optimization ensures that your digital presence will be appealing and functional to users no matter what device they may be viewing it on. 

SEO, or search engine optimization, is a process of optimization for websites that helps rank your site higher up on the search engines. This process includes researching keywords, looking at competitor websites, and curating your content to include those keywords to help raise your site in search engines like Google. This process is extremely important when it comes to lead generation, because when a potential customer is searching on Google looking for specific services or products, the more optimized your site is for SEO, the closer to the #1 spot your site will be. 

Five: Email Marketing

Email marketing is another great way to generate leads for your business. Email campaigns are a great way to build an existing list of customers that will keep coming back for more, as well as a way to bring new potential customers to your business who may be looking for your products or services. Email campaigns can vary widely based on your industry or business needs. They can be as simple as monthly newsletters that keep your business in the minds of new and existing customers, or they can be educational, helping to draw in leads who may have been on the fence about which company to choose. Promotional emails are also a fantastic way to draw in prospects. Many consumers love promotions, which proves that by offering a small promotion you can grow your email campaign. As your email marketing list grows, your marketing reach grows with it. The more consumers you are able to reach with your marketing materials, the more leads you can potentially generate within your business. 

Six: Lead Magnets

Lead magnets, what exactly is a lead magnet? A lead magnet can be anything from a free trial, a give away, a free consultation, or even a free trial subscription. Consumers love free or discounted products and services and are often incredibly willing to sign up with contact information in return for a small freebie or giveaway. 

Giveaways can be fashioned in a wide variety of ways, they can be done on websites, through emails, and even on social media channels. Giveaways can be for any product or service that your company offers, and can range in value from small to large. 

Lead magnets are one of the best ways to generate leads without constant work. Lead magnets work to capture potential client information while on autopilot. This is why lead magnets are such an incredibly valuable asset for small business owners. When you already have so much to do to keep your business running, why not utilize a lead magnet system to capture customer information. 


Lead generation is an important part of marketing your small business. In this article we talked about six different methods and ways you can work to improve your lead generation techniques to grow your small business. Many small business owners handle their own marketing campaigns, but many others seek out a marketing firm to handle their lead generation and other marketing tasks. Whether you are planning to DIY your marketing campaign or whether you are looking to hire a marketing firm to handle it for you, understanding the basics of what makes a good marketing campaign is key to success. Lead generation and marketing are the key to growing your small business and finding success.