Are you a new dog business owner? Or maybe you’ve been around the dog park a few times. Whichever one applies to you, one key element you need to have is a logo.

A common question dog business owners have is, “What makes a good logo?” 

“Good” may seem relative when it comes to this subject matter, but there are actually specific qualities that earn a logo this label. A logo needs to be memorable, distinctive, and simple. Let’s dive in to learn more about each of these!

Make your logo memorable.

The job of a logo is to stay in people’s minds, so it’s essentially your first point of contact with your audience. Whether they see it on social media, your website, or wherever they spend their time, when they come across your logo, that moment is the very first impression they have of your brand, so make it memorable. Your logo is going to be a vessel for all of the emotions and feelings that come with your brand as time goes on, so keep this in mind as you choose a logo or decide to rebrand.

Choose a logo that is distinctive.

It’s important to do some market research based on your niche in the dog industry and see what your competitors are doing. This will allow you to do something that is different and unique so you can distinguish yourself in the market. Brand recognition is crucial when it comes to marketing, and a logo that is distinctive will set you apart and keep you top of mind. Avoid using a logo that is trendy. We live in a time of instant gratification, but a good logo stands the test of time (adapting and adjusting when it makes sense).

Keep your logo simple.

Let’s talk about the power of debranding. What does debranding mean, you ask? This is where you take your brand and you really simplify it into something that is easy to implement in different forms, such as print or digital marketing, and responsive to different devices, such as desktop and mobile. 80% of the traffic that comes to your social media platforms or website is from mobile devices – that’s a large portion! If you have a logo that is extremely busy and has a lot going on, it could make it hard to remember or turn people off to your business. If you already have a logo, then put it through this filter and see if it passes the test. Some major companies that have millions of consumers have recently gone through debranding. Comment below if you know of one!

Do you need help creating a logo for your dog business that is memorable, distinctive, and simple? That’s our jam at Barketing Unleashed! Book a free consultation to learn more about the process, or reach out if you have any questions.

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