In today’s digital world, there are countless options for building a website. It can be overwhelming looking at all of the choices and trying to determine which platform will provide the most bang for your buck. With all of the options available, hours can be wasted looking through each one, trying to see which platform will have the most flexibility, tools and features. 

This blog is going to focus on two of the biggest and most well known platforms for websites; WordPress, and We will be explaining the differences between the two, which is one better, and why. 

What is WordPress? 

WordPress is a design platform that allows you to build your website in a variety of ways. You can implement codes, or you can use themes, that will help you build a layout, that in the end will appear drag and drop. 

While WordPress can seem overwhelming and complex at first glance, the use of drag and drop theme builders like Divi and Elementor, can take that complexity out of the equation, making it incredibly easy for just about anyone to build a site using WordPress. 

WordPress is known and popular because of the blogging industry. Bloggers love WordPress because it is designed for blogging. When it comes to building websites that work for you and show up in searches, you want to have new and regular content. 

Because of all the options WordPress is able to offer, you can rest assured that your SEO(search engine optimization) will be easily rankable. Users who have their websites on WordPress often see a massive difference in their search results within a matter of 3-6 months of active SEO work and analysis. 

What is Wix? 

Wix is a hosting platform for your website that offers very easy to manage and use for those who are not technically savvy.  Wix offers a drag and drop builder that allows you to slightly customize your website theme or build from scratch.  

Wix offers a very easy to use platform with little to no learning curve which can seem very alluring to small business owners looking to save money on design fees however, their monthly rates for hosting have recently increased to $17-36 per month, a steep increase from using WordPress. 

Wix may offer the easy to use features but one component that is missing from their platform is the inability to really implement true SEO plans. Wix, while easy to use, can really impact your ability to be found on search engines like Google, because of the inability to properly implement SEO work and analysis. 

Wix does offer support, and they do have professional builders that will build out a website for you, however those are additional fees, and can add up quickly. What Wix offers with ease of use, is countered with an inability to truly work on your search rankings. 

What is the difference between WordPress and Wix? 

Wix is very much a user friendly platform that allows users to build websites themselves, however it can be difficult to create an eye-catching website without some kind of background or experience in web design. 

WordPress offers incredible design options, customizability, and the ability to truly work on issues like SEO, to help you build your search rankings. The overall additional customizability WordPress offers is far superior to Wix, making it worth the extra expense of having a designer lay it all out and design it for you. 

WordPress is considered King when it comes to SEO abilities, shining far above many of the other platforms available in today’s market. The ability to customize your SEO plan to your website, content and make changes to your site’s SEO is truly a game changer when it comes to being found on search engines. 

While initially you may pay more for web design on the WordPress platform, the long term costs with the added ability to build your rank on search engines like Google will outweigh what Wix is able to offer with their do it yourself platform where your monthly fees will add up quickly, and continue to cost you more each month. 


WordPress and Wix are two extremely popular web design platforms. While Wix offers an easy to use platform to build your own website, building your rank on search engines will be extremely difficult if not impossible with this platform. The monthly costs for hosting on Wix are also often more than double the cost of WordPress. 

While WordPress may appear complex, the use of drag and drop theme builders like Divi and Elementor, and the ability to customize your SEO plans and build your rank, coupled with the lower cost of hosting will put you and your small business ahead in the long run.